Meet Our Staff

The staff at Children's Journey consists of 26 care givers, both teachers and aides. Our teachers hold either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, an Associate of Arts (AA) degree, or the required Early Childhood Education classes. All of us are experienced in the care of children and strive to create and maintain a very "family like" atmosphere. We truly feel that Children's Journey is a 'home away from home' for children, where they can grow, learn, and play in a warm and secure environment.

Why we work with children



The rapid phase of a child's development occurs during the first 5 years of life. It is an honor and a humbling experience to be a part of a child's development by being an educator and creating an environment for their first years, which can have an effect that lasts a lifetime.


Assistant Director

Working with children and their families is very rewarding. I love building relationships with children that help them to feel welcome, safe and loved when they come to school. Working with children, I get a daily reminder to appreciate the simplest things in life. Just as they learn from me, I learn from them as well. Children bring lots of joy to my life!

Maria M.

Infant Teacher

It is an honor to be working with children because it is during the early years that a child develops all the key elements of emotional intelligence, such as, confidence, curiosity, purposefulness, self-control, connectedness, capacity to communicate, and cooperativeness. A child's first years of life are also critical for the acquisition of concepts, skills, and attitudes that lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning.


Infant Teacher

I work with children because watching them discover and develop characteristics about themselves is admiring. Their lives are just beginning and to be a part of that is rewarding.


Infant Teacher

I love working with children because as a mother myself, I know how important it is to show children affection and love. I love helping children develop important character traits such as honesty, discipline, integrity, and respect toward others and themselves. These are key fundamentals for our children to succeed in their lives.


Infant Teacher

The reason why I work with children is because I want to have experience for my future when I become a second grade teacher. I also want to help shape the children’s formative years by being a good role model for them. I just love seeing a smile on a child’s face when they know they have accomplished something. A child’s smile is honestly a true blessing. I am blessed to see children smile everyday in this wonderful school.


Infant Teacher

I like working with children because I like to experience the uniqueness of every one of them. They are so little but have so much to give. Working with children makes me happy.


Infant Teacher

I like working with children because I can help them develop learning skills that they will use all throughout life. They also help me see things from a whole different perspective.


Infant Teacher



Lead Toddler Teacher

I work with children because I want to make a difference in their lives. I also love watching children grow and succeed. They have such amazing replica watches imaginations and adults can learn a lot from them.


Infant Teacher/Spanish Teacher

I work with children because I am able to see a child develop as a whole, while being able to support their needs. I am an advocate for children's social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual growths.

Maria L.

Assistant Toddler Teacher

Everyday I enjoy working with children because it gives me a lot of enjoyment to see them grow. By participating in the children's play and activities I observe and learn from all of them. While being with the children during the day my life becomes richer and I feel younger inside.


Assistant Teacher

I enjoy working with children because their love lights up my life. Children offer unconditional love and make me feel like I am doing something valuable with my life. The best part of working with children is that I get to see little faces each day, excited to share something special with me. When I work with children I learn something new each and every day.


2’s Teacher

While there are many reasons to work with children, my primary reason includes helping to shape the children’s first years by being a positive role model for them. Through working with children, I feel that I can provide a strong foundation, and be a major influence in properly preparing them for their adult lives.


2’s Teacher

I work with children because I enjoy it. I love children and I love learning about their development. I feel that individuals can learn so much from children.


Preschool Teacher

I enjoy working with children because I enjoy being a part of their lives. I enjoy creating a safe, fun, educational, and exciting environment for children to learn and grow.


Preschool Teacher

It is an amazing experience working with children and seeing them learn. As a teacher, it is important to give all children the opportunity and time to develop their minds at their own pace. I truly believe that knowledge cannot be forced on a child, but can only be directed to what amuses the child's mind.


Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

I greatly enjoy being a part of a child's first experience of learning and development. It is so rewarding to help them grow and have fun with learning. I love children's energy and genuineness, but most of all, I love the hugs, kisses, and laughs.

Maria R.

Assistant Pre-K Teacher

I am a very happy person because I have the privilege of working with children on a daily basis. First off, I really enjoy working with children because they share their happiness with me and at the same time I discover how important and valuable children are. I also enjoy working with children because they truly are genuine, intelligent, and little treasures to this world. I really love every single child I have had the honor of working with.


Music Teacher

I enjoy learning as an individual and I love sharing new knowledge with children, while helping them find answers on their own. I love teaching children how to creatively express themselves and discover their interests. Because learning in the early stages is so replica watches uk fundamental for progression throughout life, I believe that teaching children how to problem solve and discover is crucial in developing a desire to learn.


Substitute Teacher

I love to work with children because it is amazing to see how smart they are and how quickly they learn new things. I love the smile they bring to me when they are ready to learn something new. I enjoy teaching them and helping them grow each and every day.